Book publication

One day, after an entry in the forum of the nude photography gallery, I received an invitation to enter a competition for a volume of art pictures, for which you were allowed to send in up to 10 shots. I decided to choose 8 photographs to send, and after being shortlisted, I was chosen to be included in the book.

This gave me the chance for the first time to present my work to a wider public, which was fantastic for me, of course. Until then, only a very small circle of friends and acquaintance had been aware of my creative photographic work, and of course I hope that this might also open up a doorway to new opportunities. I will now be keeping an eye out for more models so that I can gather material for future exhibitions and competitions. On 23 April 2005, there was a meeting in Berlin of all the photographers who had been involved in the illustrated book, and a presentation followed by a book signing was organised in a bookshop.

The whole project was very well organised and included an exciting evening when all the photographers and models were able to exchange ideas. It was followed on Sunday, 24 April 2005 by a "photo safari" to the nearby Rüdersdorf Industrial Park.

If you are interested in the book of photographs, take a look in your local bookshop, or send me a mail and I'll let you have more information about buying the book.